5 Feb 2011

DEAD KENNEDYS, Live Lost Horizon, Syracuse. 24.04.1985

One of my favourite live recordings of the mighty Dead Kennedys, and again a great set. Audience recording, but an excellent one, enjoy !!!!!
Jello Biafra is one of the most intelligent front men to date, check out  "Jello Biafra And The Guantanamo School Of Medicine",  and also all his spoken word cds!

Take This Job And Shove It.
Man With The Dogs
Hopping With The Jet Set
Terminal Preppie
When You Get Drafted
Life Sentence
MTV. Get Off The Air
This Could Be Anywhere
Chemical Warefare
Goons Of Hazzard
A Child & His Lawnmower
Jacho Rama
Bleed For Me
Holiday In Cambodia
Nazi Punks...**** Off!
Let's Lynch The Landlord
Macho Insecurity
Too Drunk To ****
Moral Majority
Forward To Death
Moon Over Marjn.



  1. I saw them in Brixton, and also the Lords of the new church in 82 , and I found 2 years ago on you tube a vidéo where i can see me in this gig

  2. They were a great band and Jello is still creating
    brilliant new material.

  3. holy shit, one DK's bootleg i don't have??????
    man we'll have to talk lol

  4. Thanks for the comments, I have a few more have you any good ones to share ??

  5. Only 128 kbps mp3? Come on, man. Also, it sounds like you used Dolby noise reduction while playing the cassette during the transfer. This calls for a "do over".

  6. Wow I finally met a bigger cunt named Andy than myself. I am not impressed though.