21 Mar 2011

RUDIMENTARY PENI. "Troubled Times Radio Interview".

Found this in another box, again I wasn't gonna post it
but after a listen I had to.
It's very rare to find an interview with Rudimentary Peni, let alone a pirate radio station. This was done by Troubled Times Radio from America in March 1988 and is another real gem. The questions are a bit on the basic side but the answers from bassist Grant Mathews make it. Plus there's music in between and the rumors are stopped ! At times it's hard to hear the answers as it was done over the phone but just turn it up and enjoy!! I loved this band and still do come to that, I spent many a night with a 'brew' gazing at Nicks artwork and trying to sus out the lyrics.
They're still releasing material and  Nick Blinko still does his
artwork, I have a few decent live recordings which I will post soon.



  1. Nice one. Don't think I've ever heard a Peni interview so it'll be interesting to hear what they say. Thanks :)

  2. Thx Ernest I have a few more from this radio station which I will post soon.

  3. Oi. What a rare gem you have here. Thanks and beyond cousin!