12 Jan 2012

SCARS - Horrorshow / adult/ery - Single 1979

Right here the situation I've been going through some of me old vinyl and playing some belters so I have now decided to bore you all with my trip down memory lane as well and hopefully push some of you to listen to more by these bands.
I remember when I first heard my sis play this Scars 7", loved it and to listen to it again today was just as good as then, brought back heaps of great times, so enjoy.


Download mp3



  1. Brilliant. I have this single, so won't download - but would recommend all other readers do!

    Many thanks.

  2. One of the best singles ever!...and the Scars were an abject lesson in how to lose it.They moved from this brilliance to that awful LP they released..."Author Author", also known as Awful Awful.
    Look forward to more singles.

    1. Shut up asshole. You are a worthless piece of shit. You wrote that crappy comment as if you have the ultimate opinion. The album is very good. And when I like an album / single / EP whatever, then it is good. My opinion is the only one that counts.
      If only the song All About You wouldn't be on it, that song is weak.

    2. ha ha ha...'a worthless piece of shit'for having an opinion on a pop group.No wonder you are anonymous.

  3. I agree their only decent release, ace to hear it again, cheers.

  4. A link from juliette, thanks a great bit of history hadn't seen this before !

  5. Holy HELL. Only heard this for the first time today, one of the fiercest bass lines ever, the damn song reeks of malevolence. Droogs vred a shoot, choodessny.

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