17 Jan 2012

SWELL MAPS - Let's Build A Car - Single 1979

It's funny how you remember the first time you hear great songs and how that sticks with you, so here's another one of me all time fav's by the Swell Maps, I have a couple of LPS which I might post as well ? I didn't get into them until about 1980 and it was thanks to a pal back then HAG from the band Social Disease (Bristol) who put a couple of these tracks on the end of a demo he sent me -- cheers.
There's loads to read on the internet about them so I won't bore anyone, just play loud and enjoy !!!


Download mp3

 Let's Build A Car


  1. I didn't know them at all so I read something about them on Internet and I watched them on you tube !!!

    1. Thanks juliette I appreciate your contributions !

  2. Please upload more of them if you can,it would be great! X)

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  4. give me all your hot cash osman before i fill your mom up like a helium ballon with my nozzle. yes i do that. anyways Swell Maps are really something special and came to me very late in my love of punk too thanks only to the blogs about a decade ago. They are that special pre post-punk like the fall. Swell Maps always seemed to me like a band from Australia or New Zealand. Im from Los Angeles so maybe Im just daft but thats what I got. Some strange dirty primitive practice space thing. I mean that with love. Anyways I got some loads to shoot of the asshole above so thanks and go build a car or band or van or at least annoy your neighbors. oi.

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